Broken Glass


Broken Glass is a screendance by John Crawford and Lisa Naugle, set to Inharmonic Fantasy No. 13 by Hubert Howe. Converging reality and dreamspace, the film uses the interplay of light and broken surfaces to consider modes of perception and the inner work of imagination. Choreographed phrases were captured in a green screen studio, then recombined with time-lapse footage from natural environments, juxtaposed to evoke passing shadows and fragmentary forms.

Stunned from the fall, broken glass lies on the surface
Look! Between the pieces, it’s not what it seems to be.
Worlds are there, floating between shards of tiny sharp edges.
Light shines through broken glass
Carried on hands and in the nightlife of clouds.

  • Spread Spectrum Festival
    Moscow, Russia. July 2020 (premiere)
  • DirectorJohn Crawford
  • ChoreographerLisa Naugle
  • ComposerHubert Howe
  • DancersKaterina Christhilf
    Claire Goldes
    Madyson Landon
    Cara Laughlin
    Anna Olson
    Cassidy Reiff
    Sophia Vangelatos
  • CostumesDianne Graebner
  • Special ThanksKelly Musgrove
    Joel Veenstra
    UCI Dance Department
    UCI Emergent Media + Design Institute